A sensitivity reader/cultural consultant reviews a work in progress for issues of misrepresentation, insensitive language, and cultural inaccuracies.


They offer suggestions on how best to fix problem areas, resulting in a more inclusive and accurate narrative.

Sensitivity readers are an asset to writers portraying people from marginalized groups they themselves do not belong to. Poor representation perpetuates stereotypes and alienates readers.

While a sensitivity reader can help ensure that you do not make a mistake, no sensitivity reader is a ‘get out of jail free’ card. No one reader is a foolproof guarantee your book is free of harmful content.


However, I will attempt to correct glaringly offensive issues to the best of my ability and experience.


My Sensitivity Reader Evaluation will pay special attention to ensuring inclusive rather than tokenizing diversity, as well as evaluating the way race/gender intersect with other cultural areas.

Topics I am partial to include:

  • Racism

  • Colorisim

  • Misogynoir

  • Cultural Ignorance

  • Macro and Micro aggressions

  • Black English/British Culture

  • Black/African American Culture

  • Blerd (black nerd/geek) culture

  • Mental Health - Anxiety & Depression

  • LGBTQIA+ (with a focus on L, B, Q and sexual fluidity)

  • Dynamics of interracial relationships (romantic, friendship, familial)


$250 for manuscripts under 80,000 words; contact for manuscripts over 80K

Price may increases based on manuscript length and requested turn-around time.


Please Note:

  • All manuscripts should be 12pt, black type, double spaced, and in an easily readable font such as Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial.

  • A Sensitivity Reader Evaluation is not suitable for a first draft manuscript. Please ensure that your novel is free of glaring errors, and is nearly submission ready, meaning it should be a later draft.

  • All payments made via PayPal. Work begins when the payment is received.


FUSION BUNDLE - By popular demand, I now offer a Fusion Bundle. This package deal combines my sensitivity reader evaluation with my platinum critique service for a discounted rate of $450.


If interested, send an email with the title ‘Sensitivity Reader Evaluation’ or 'Fusion Bundle' to storyteller.kasse@gmail.com

The email should include a brief synopsis of your manuscript, followed by a short paragraph where you identify what you are looking for in my sensitivity evaluation critique.

Turn-around time is 30 days. Quicker time will lead to an additional cost.

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