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A detailed analysis and assessment of any manuscript between
1,000 and 40,00 words. 

SHORT STORY CRITIQUE - $6.50 per page.

This evaluation examines the manuscript to ensure it reads as engaging; breaks down the character complexities and motivations; verifies that the conflict and plot propel the narrative forward with each page; gives feedback on setting/world-building; and evaluates the overall strengths/weaknesses of your short story. All while ensuring the story concludes with an emotional or intellectual payoff.


In addition to the critique, this evaluation focuses on race and gender, highlighting any issues regarding to misrepresentation, insensitive language, and cultural inaccuracies. The aim is to ensure your manuscript reads as inclusive and does not tokenize diversity.


Kindly send a email with the subject/title of the email as ‘Short Story’


In the email, please include a brief synopsis of your manuscript, word count, and the short story package you are interested in.

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